Wednesday, July 12, 2006

12 July: a quiet life

Firstly, if anyone is trying to send an e-mail with a new e-address, remember we have a highly effective spam filter - phone or post with details!
Picking the raspberries is keeping me busy. It seems to have been unfavourable for the growth of the canes this year, and the poor spindly things are bending right over with the weight of the fruit. it makes picking them more difficult. At least the birds are finding it just as hard.
A neighbour's cat has discovered our bird-feeding arrangements, and a couple of times we've spotted a sturdy black furry tail sticking out of a large hellebore by the bird feeder, and shooed him away. He's a handsome cat, but he gets fed at home, so he doesn't need the birds.
With cooler evenings, and Le Tour on TV, I've been making progress with my striped cardigan, and finished the sewing up and the edgings. There's still the buttons to sew on, and button loops to make, and tidying and blocking. It's turned out heavier than I expected, but as I made it up as I went along, that's not really surprising. Anyway, if you need a woollen cardigan, you usually need a warm one.

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Jack said...

"if you need a woollen cardigan" ... gee, for a moment I thought you were going to offer us one!

We're still waiting for our raspberries here -- not till August my wife tells me -- but I keep watching them. The little flowers are out and the bees are happy.