Sunday, October 12, 2008

12 October: Stressful week, and another string bag

DH's cat had an operation on Tuesday, to remove a greatly enlarged thyroid gland. In the event, both thyroids were removed.

So I've spent a lot of time this week rounding him up, transporting him to the vets' different offices several times, cooking fish (ugh!) for him, and generally fussing him. More to come next week, when he has the stitches out.

And as soon as DH comes home, the cat totally ignores me, and attaches himself to his preferred human.

But there's been time for knitting. The little peacock coloured scarf is finished, and is drying after being spread out.

The green and black key pattern waistcoat is finally finished. It stretched a lot when wet, so it now fits -

I've cast on a Danish shawl, to use these yarns -

And this morning, finding my odds and ends pouch was a bit overcrowded, I crocheted a mini string bag -

which will be a home for the little tins of stitch markers, and such of my 3 row counter clickers as are not in use at any time.

It's about 4 inches high and the same across, made from some yarn I made from a 2-ply handspun bamboo yarn, cabled together with a cotton yarn I bought ages ago from Texere, at one of the stitching shows in Harrogate. Part of that hybrid yarn went into a face-cloth, which is used all the time, and now there's only a little left.


KAZ said...

I thought of you last Wednesday when my friend and I went to this exhibition with lots of felt - this is it
Love to the cat.

tea and cake said...

Poor cat, and poor you! hope he's better now. lovely, lovely work of yours.
I'm currently putting off finishing some things I've knitted for my baby grand-daughter. I lurve knitting but hate the sewing up, and I must not start anythiing else until i've finished these. bah!

stitchwort said...

kaz - exhibition looks ace.

tea +c - the Knitting Police won't get you if you cast on something else; perhaps a seamless project.

Cat much better now, starting to put weight back on.