Monday, December 08, 2008

7 December: Colour!

Snow, ice, freezing wind, pavements like skating rinks, shops crowded with festive shoppers - how much pleasanter to stay at home and dye some yarn.

Using the sample packs of Landscape dyes I bought recently from Wingham Wool Work, I dyed some Shetland plus 3 skeins of BFL, with excellent results.

Most of the skeins are done as "semi-solid", i.e. one colour shading across the skein; the 3 BFL skeins are done with 2 different dyes - they are the creamy beige, the blue-grey, and the 2-tone sweet-pea pink.

And to brighten the day still further, here are pictures of a modular bag (both sides), which I finished a couple of days ago - just the right size for a knitting project in progress.

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aykayem said...

what? no comments on your magic squares? ... well - you have one now - I like the bag! ... I have a half made fabric version (much the same thing but done with fabric squares - I am also into patchwork/quilting) in my sewing room, and have also crocheted something vaguely similar once ...
(yes I crochet ... knit is a 4 letter word ... actually I can knit, but only slowly ... so I don't do it much and if I do it is often with the use of a few 4 letter words when things don't work out like they should have - lol)
btw - I found your blog from the ABC Wednesday page (the title sounded interesting - lol), which I found via one of the "blogs of note" on blogger ... which I shouldn't have been looking at because I came in here 2 hours ago to do something else, and have not done that yet!
- Andrea, in Australia