Monday, January 19, 2009

19 January: All change

It's no wonder my eczema's flared up.

DH's application for early retirement (only a few months early) has been approved, and he will retire at the end of this month. After 42 and a half years, man and boy, in the same job, he is finally leaving.

There will be all sorts of adjustments to make. We have considered down-sizing, but whenever we think carefully about that, it seems that what we really need is a bigger house. Anyway, moving anywhere might be rather tricky in the present economic climate.

How will we cope with having each other around all the time? We haven't even got a shed.

He has never been a great one for hobbies or joining clubs and things, and I can't see that changing. When people have been asking him what he plans to do with his retirement, he's been saying he wants to get out more. (His father's answer to the same question was "nothing", which he did very successfully for many years.)

All sorts of possibilities are open, but I certainly found that when I retired and had the time and freedom to do whatever I wanted, I didn't really want to do anything much. It might be different with the two of us - we shall see.


tea and cake said...

Oh dear! There are Two ways to think of this, and I suspect you are feeling the first - panic!
Questions might be;
have any of his pals also retired?
can he get a shed?
do you want to travel with him, or will be go off alone?
how much are you willing to change around what you do/want to do?
And, many other questions, of cours. However, I take it you actually Like each other still? And want to spend some time together.
'Together' seems to be the operative word here, doesn't it?
Lots of hugs, Karen x

stitchwort said...

Not so much panic as the feeling that all sorts of things could change, and we don't even know what or how.

And any shed is more likely to be mine than his ;)

Z said...

Oh, I'd love to have more time to spend with my husband. I hope you make happy plans and have fun.