Thursday, March 05, 2009

5 March: The Tweedy Cardi

It seems like this project has been on the needles forever, but it's under 2 months.

Last June at the Woolfest I bought (among many other things!) a batt from Wingham Wool Works - it was simply labelled "Wool/Silk", and was rolled up in a plastic bag. Grey in colour, it felt wonderful to the touch, so I happily paid £15.50 for the nominal 800 gms - it weighed a bit more than that on the scales at home.

When unrolled, this batt was full of all sorts of colours and textures, and it was split up into sections for spinning so that the different bits in it were fairly evenly distributed. The spinning was very enjoyable, and the bag full of tweedy yarn demanded to be knitted into something quite simple to show its subtleties.

Barbara Walker's book "Knitting from the Top" provided a recipe for a plain garment in a fairly fine yarn - about 17 wpi.

Working out the pattern as I went along was a bit of a challenge; and although I made notes, I'm not sure now that I can follow exactly what I did! The sleeves were a disaster the first time, but easily remedied by unravelling them and re-knitting them. The buttons chosen were another Woolfest purchase, from an earlier year.

Here are the photos -

And modelled -

This is going to be worn a lot.


Z said...

That's lovely

tea and cake said...

Yes, it's gorgeous, and looks really cosy.

stitchwort said...

Thank you both.
It weighs only 557 gms, so it's a lighter weight than many of my jerseys.

lilymarlene said...

I love it.
I have that book and read and read it and wish I could pluck up courage to start a cardi. My main funk is because of not knowing how much yarn I'd need.

stitchwort said...

lilymarlene - you could get an idea of weight (or yardage) needed from another pattern for the sort of thing you'd like to make; over-estimate, and then you might have lots left for matching gloves, scarf, and hat.

ra said...

fantastic, I love the way the yarn spun up. beautiful.