Monday, November 30, 2009

30 November: Christmas time is here by golly

It's almost time to look for the Tom Lehrer album again, to refresh my memory for the words of his "Christmas Carol".

Over the past weekend, several nearby residents braved the cold and the torrential rain to put up their outdoor Christmas decorations. The most popular item in this street is the string of flashing lights hung across the gutter above the garage and front door, so that on all sides there are flashing strands of blue or white lights, and even one that changes colour every few moments.

This morning our first Christmas card arrived.

I suppose normal life will be resumed about the 7th of January next year; in the meantime I may hibernate.

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ouryve said...

The people across the road chickened out of putting their decorations up, this weekend - they'd probably have got blown off the roof! I did spy them starting on indoors, earlier, mind, so it won't be long.

And Christmas isn't allowed to start in our house until my eldest has finished celebrating his birthday, tomorrow. I have made our Christmas cake already, though!