Thursday, January 07, 2010

7 January: When icicles hang by the wall

Prompted by Durham Daily Photo, I have tried to take a snap of our best icicle -

Not easy, as it's right outside the window, and behind it is white render and snow. It is beautifully rippled and about 3 feet long.

Edit 8 January: This morning The Icicle has grown to 4 feet long and twice as thick as yesterday. My Dear Husband has moved the car from underneath it.


ouryve said...

Oooh, that's a pretty but scary beast! Our neighbours have some impressive ones, but ours are only just forming and are less than a foot long. It doesn't help that my husband swept the snow off our kitchen roof, before Christmas, because we had some big ones then and they made a horrible mess of our cold frame when they started dropping and we didn't really fancy them doing that to our kids.

stitchwort said...

We have now knocked down those we can reach, but there are still plenty left.

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