Tuesday, April 06, 2010

6 April: Wednesday walk on Tuesday

Today we did something we'd spoken about idly several times since getting the Bus Passes - we took the bus from the end of our street, got off at a convenient place for coffee and a bun, then walked home. It took less than 2 and a half hours.

We managed to walk down one path we've never been along before, and found that another track through the woods has been repaired and a footbridge improved since we last came that way.

We walked through fields where skylarks were flying up on both sides, singing as they hung on the breeze. The bumble bees are just emerging this week, too, so spring is really under way.

Crossing this field, we wondered if we were missing something -

- but there was no invisible fence. It might have been a magic stile, the entrance to another world. We went round it, just in case.

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CCK said...

oh! but what if??? A wardrobe, a hole in the ground and now a magic stile....so intriguing.

Such a good idea the bus and walk home..