Monday, June 28, 2010

28 June: Lake District part 2 - Woolfest

One of the reasons for our week in the Lake District was to visit Woolfest for a little stocking up on fibre and fibre-related items.

I collected my new inkle loom from Michael Williams - isn't it gorgeous? Really substantial, made from oak and maple.

There is the usual assortment of sock yarn, undyed and dyed from the Yarn Yard (I wound it into balls when we got home), some batts and "wild fibre" from Wingham, and some plain white fibre from P & M to blend it into, a lucet with bobbin from Ziggy Rytka (who was later spotted playing a hurdy-gurdy in the music area), a circular knitting needle, some buttons, and a book.

Oh, and 2 Shetland fleeces, straight from the sheep-owner. After my adverse experience with fleece when a novice spinner, I have avoided it and used prepared fibres, but these fleeces are so lovely that I decided it was time to have another try.

Then yesterday I was demonstrating spinning at an event which included sheep-shearing, and seem to have come home with a further 2 and a half fleeces - the half because 2 of us liked that particular grey colour. The grey and one black one are Shetland and the other black one is Hebridean.

The rest of today I shall be in the garden, combing and spinning fleece.


Valerie said...

Such an unusual configuration for an inkle loom. I love the moon motif. Do you know what kind of yardage it will hold?

Enjoy those fleeces. There's nothing quite like spinning your own fiber prep for a sense of accomplishment.


That is a really interesting inkle loom. Please post a pic once you have it warped I'd love to see how you work on it.

stitchwort said...

Michael calls it a crescent moon loom.
I tried a length of yarn round all the pegs, and it looks like about 90 inches all the way round. The pegs are 6 inches long, so it should make a wider band than my Ashford loom.
Not sure when I'll get to start on it - been combing and spinning (in the grease) all afternoon. :)

tea and cake said...

what an exciting stash! Can't wait to see what you do with the fleeces - as well at the new loom, of course!