Wednesday, September 22, 2010

22 September: Grey Shetland

The last skein spun from the grey Shetland fleece from Woolfest was drying when we went away for the weekend. When we were at Wicken Fen, I bought a lovely basket, woven by Nadine Anderson from rushes from the Fen. Here they are together in the garden -

The fleece was spun in the grease (and dirt!) and the skeins washed after plying, using M & S's Wools Silks and Cashmere non-bio laundry liquid. The fleece was different shades and different softness in different areas, so I mixed bits from various parts together. There is a pleasing variation in the colour.

There's 653 gms altogether, and I have no idea what it will become, or when.


Lucette said...

your skeins look fantastic.

stitchwort said...

Thank you. I love spinning!

Eswaran said...

I have 'borrowed' your skeins for my blog . It is the most appropriate for my topic.