Friday, February 18, 2011

18 February: New toy

As well as the "string" connected with spinning, knitting, weaving, and so on, I have another string to my bow, literally, as I do archery as well as all the fibre stuff.

I really only started to encourage my Dear Husband to take up a new interest in retirement, but of course the bug has bitten me as much as him, and we are both trying hard to improve. He replaced his first recurve bow a little while ago, but it was only recently that I felt the need to have a better bow.

My new riser arrived this afternoon, from Italy via a company in the Midlands - it's beautiful. I'll try it out this evening, and make any adjustments needed. I'm very much hoping I'll shoot more accurately with it, as well as more stylishly.


tea and cake said...

omg, I've just done the same thing to my Mr T! He is due to visit the local archery club tomorrow - though it is snowing quite a lot at the moment, so it might not happen.
He was good at archery at school (we went to the same one, cute eh?) and is quite keen, and looking at the equipment online etc. I would quite like to have a go, but feel I need to let him have his 'space' esp, as I have not stopped working as yet. Also, I wonder how I would get around my bust area with it?!
Goodluck with your new riser. x

stitchwort said...

That's great - then when you join in, he can be the "expert". All shapes, sizes and abilities seem to be catered for in most clubs.
New riser great, old archer not so good!!