Friday, June 02, 2006

2 June: This week in the garden

This is the first rose of summer. Only a bud in the picture taken on Wednesday, but now fully open. It's a variety called Old Blush, lots of pretty flowers on a rather spindly bush - but perhaps that's just it's particular location.

Very near to that rose, but on the other side of the fence, is our neighbour's eucalyptus tree (and a bit of the buddleia nobody pruned this spring). It was planted by the previous occupants of the house, and it will almost certainly be chopped down when the new owners discover just how tall it's going to grow! 3 years old, it's about 20 feet high now. Most of the back-garden trees round here are chopped off at a height of 8-10 feet. This, of course, encourages the growth of multiple leaders, but the idiots who do it think they will just stop the tree growing any taller.

Under our young rowan tree, in the shady border, the pinkbells (they are bluebells, but the flowers are actually pinkish) look good against a background of lungwort leaves.

And over in the sunny border, alliums are spreading like crazy from a few bulbs put in a couple of years ago. Behind this one is a philadelphus bush, and one of those "lambs' lugs" plants.

The bird baths are doing a roaring trade. The one that is on a stalk (pedestal is much too grand for a plastic item from the garden centre) is quite deep, and the blackbirds have brought their youngsters there for a wash and brush up. The shallow dish of water on the ground, meanwhile, has been hosting a mass splash featuring 6 or 8 adult and juvenile sparrows - they don't stand still long enough to be counted. And the house martins definitely don't have chicks yet - no fecal packets on the porch roof, but the parents crap on the car every time!


Z said...

just finished catching up on work at 11.25 pm. Very cheering to enjoy your photos. Thank you.

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