Sunday, June 04, 2006

4 June: Old Folkies

Having been nowhere near a folk club for years and years, last night DH and I went to see/hear Jez Lowe at Frosterley Village Hall - on his own, no Bad Pennies. Very good performance, and he's still writing excellent songs. He did one about the Durham Big Meeting that I need to get on a CD. One of his songs was about the shipyards, and as well as Tyneside and Clydeside there were mentions of Jarrow and Barrow.

My great-grandfather worked in the shipyard at Barrow, as did my grandfather and my two great-uncles. Grandfather was quite an athlete, winning 2 race walks organised by the company (Vickers, Sons and Maxim) in 1903. He and his brothers escaped from the shipyard onto the stage, singing in the Music Halls, which is where my grandparents met. One of the projects planned for my retirement is more research on their stage careers.

After an absence of some weeks, the ice cream van is back - playing the Blue Peter theme tune at double speed.

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KAZ said...

My ex husband's family worked in the Barrow ship yard. His uncle played rugby for Barrow.
It's like foreign parts up there ...but the scenery and the pubs are great.