Sunday, August 13, 2006

13 August: Scraps

Some random small events from the week -

A third double-sided hat has leapt off the red-hot needles; this one is in black and white, with pinks, red, and petrol blue. Photo to follow some time. Now for some experiments with patterned mittens. You can tell the weather's turned colder.

DH has been transferring some old LPs and tapes onto CDs. Some of the LPs are ones I haven't listened to for some years, though they used to be favourites. One that I used to enjoy now seems very bleak, with dark and depressing lyrics, and another seems much more harshly sung that I remember.

After a meeting in Durham yesterday I walked home. Part of the path was beside a stretch of dual carriageway, but passing fields. The cars tearing past at 70+ miles an hour didn't even seem to be on the same planet as the hedge and the fields. Perhaps a parallel universe.

For a change, I went to a different supermarket this week to shop. Some of the women staff were dressed in long skirts, aprons, and mob caps - reminiscent of late Victorian under-parlourmaids. There was an enormous man in a kilt playing bagpipes outside the door. If I'd known it was fancy dress, I'd have at least made an effort. I drove home wondering if the piper's dirk was real, and if so, how he got away with it in this day and age of "knife crime".

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