Wednesday, August 09, 2006

9 August: More knitting

This is one of the hats I've been working on lately - adapted from a design in Spin Off magazine. It's a good way to use small amounts of different colours. The grey side can be worn when feeling more conservative, and the green side, below, is for a more extrovert mood.

The ice cream van has been playing a tune that I knew, but couldn't quite identify. DH has found out that it's the Bluebell polka - remember it?


stitchingpooh said...

That hat is so cool. How neat with the dual color, was it very hard?

stitchwort said...

Dead easy - garter stitch till it's long enough to go round the head, then graft the ends. Pick up stitches along one side and knit a crown up to the top. When you've done one, turn it around and pick up stitches along the other edge of the brim band, and knit a second crown on the other end. Fold one inside the other and turn up the brim.
I find simple is often the most effective.