Wednesday, October 10, 2007

10 October: Autumn

Autumn is here - the time for walks in damp woods -

And it's always been a time for making changes, as the plants change from the plenty of summer and the winds blow away the fallen leaves.

So, some changes afoot here. And that's not just new socks.

The soap- and shampoo-free lifestyle is well under way, and my skin and hair have never looked better. It took a couple of weeks for the hair to balance itself, but now it's shiny and thick, not flat and lifeless like for many years. And my skin has lost that "oily and dry" effect, and looks much smoother.

Other changes will be mentioned in due course. Meanwhile, I can recommend the ditching of all shampoo and conditioner (anyone want mine?), and nearly all the soap; some is necessary for hand hygiene. All you need is water.


Ruby in Bury said...

I love autumn and always feel compelled to make changes. Usually I want to wear red for some weird reason. Maybe I want to match the autumn leaves!

Good for you for giving up the shampoos and conditioners etc. Will you use any natural products on your hair (oils etc) or just water?

KAZ said...

Hmm - interesting.
When I was a kid my mum read that soap was bad - so I wasn't allowed to use it. The other kids were very cruel about it - but my skin has always been good.
Can't - see how I can manage without my conditoner. I'll have a think.