Friday, October 05, 2007

5 October: A little navel-gazing

Tagged again by Granny J - about blogging.

Far too much to post again (you can always see the full thing over at hers), but a few of the "rules" struck a chord.

*Blog about what you're interested in, and what you want to share.

*It's your blog - you make the rules.

*Keep the blog simple.

Other than that, there's not much to add. Pictures often add to the interest, though some blogs don't have them, and are still interesting. And personally I find comments important. (Diamond Geezer covered comments very well on 3 September in his series about his 5th blogging anniversary.)

The comments can inform, amuse, and delight. I find I return frequently to some blogs purely to read the updates to the comments. But on certain blogs, when you arrive and there are already 279 comments, oddly enough you already know what they're all saying, and don't bother to read them.

And it's good when commenting is made easy; although the word verification is clearly necessary if there's a lot of spam, it can be irritating (especially when you've typed correctly twice already). And when it requires your e-mail address to make a comment, that's a definite bar to me commenting.

Mind you, comments like "me too" and "wow, fantastic" are not nearly so much appreciated as ones that add something to the topic. Having said that, sometimes "beautiful picture" is all that's needed, or - perhaps the highest praise - "highly amusing".

And there are new blogs coming along all the time, but you only find out about them when their bloggers add a comment somewhere and you idly click on the link.

But how often does it happen that you've just found a new (to you) blog, and you've popped in a few times to get the hang of it, and you're just thinking you'll de-lurk and make a comment, and they stop.


Granny J said...

Thanks, Stitch, for your comments on comments! Like you, I particularly appreciate those that add to the discussion. As for bloggers that disappear -- a very disappointing matter. Periodically, I do Google and Blogger and Technorati searches to find any new people writing about Prescott (AZ -- not John, who gets plenty of mentions) and all too often, what is served up is a batch of long-abandoned blogs. Seldom do I find that real gem.

KAZ said...

I wish there was a way of encouraging long time lurkers to join in.
Is there a way of reassuring them that 'I agree' or 'nice pics' is a good and acceptable way to start?

Lucy said...

Enjoyed this. Sometimes really good stuff is lurking in comment threads, but I know what you mean about ploughing through a million and one comments, and I always feel those people don't really need my input. Not doing stats, I know nothing about lurkers and assume they aren't there.

The last lot of yarn pics are very sumptuous. I've just discovered Loch Sunart yarns(I was actually looking for paua shell buttons), and am highly tempted to take up the needles just for a baby thing, something easy. Discovering pure knitting blogs was a revelation, now some of those really have an emormous readership, have you ever looked at Brooklyntweed? I think I like my blogging world a bit more small and friendly though.

stitchwort said...

Your comments are appreciated!

Stats show where the ISP is located, which gives a rough indication of where visitors are; the same ones keep recurring so they must keep coming back for some reason. It would be nice to know - is it the brilliant writing? the amazing knitting? or they just can't believe how dreadful some people's lives are?

lucy - yes, I have looked at Brooklyntweed's blog, but don't read regularly; he has a sweater pattern in the latest Interweave Knits which I like, and might one day knit.

Melanie Rimmer said...

I seem to be the kiss of death to blogs. As soon as I subscribe, they stop. Not this one, though, touch wood.

Dave said...

Highly amusing.

stitchwort said...

Thank you, kind sir, and I hope your cold is going away. Honey and lemon is a good non-alcoholic remedy.

melanie - keep touching that wood!