Friday, November 09, 2007

9 November: Less is more

After 11 months of retirement, I think I'm getting used to it. But the reduction in exercise, from lots of walking about, standing, and climbing stairs, to a life of indolence, together with my sweet tooth, and continued consumption of cakes and sweets, was having the inevitable effect on what used to be my waistline.

I've never been small - at 5'10" and over 10 stone, a size 14 was OK widthways, though often not quite long enough. But since I stopped running and orienteering after I had cancer in 1992, the pounds have crept on, and a size 16 became a size 18. But when a size 18 starts to feel a bit tight, and you can't bend over properly because of a great wodge of fat, and 13 stone is horribly near, something has to be done.

Diets have always been a strange thing that other people undertake with much talk and usually little to show for them, and most of the popular diets have been patently ludicrous.

But after a month, I have lost half a stone by a sure-fire diet that I can recommend to everyone - the 2 word diet. I feel better, my clothes are getting loose, and I'm totally amazed at how easy it has been. So far, of course - it may not continue, as it may be difficult to keep a new low weight stable. But I'll worry about that when I get there.

So, here is a photo of the cat enjoying the new winter arrangements, now it's too chilly to have the conservatory door open all day -

He seems to like the blanket (crocheted from odd bits of hand-spun) we put on the sofa to protect it from his claws, and he blends nicely into the cushions.

Oh, the name of the diet?



Murph said...

Brilliant Stitch! Get it patented and get a book out and you could be onto a nice little earner!

The cat looks a bit crotchity btw

Kerry said...

I have a diet like that and its called "no thanks" and works when offered 3rd glass of alcohol or 2nds of pudding. Unfortunately the weight loss as you can imagine is not dramatic :-)

Doris said...

Aw, that cat looks SO relaxed, lucky thing!

Well done on the weight loss - I am more of a "what diet?" kind of person myself, which are entirely the wrong sort of two words.

stitchwort said...

psst, murph, know any publishers?

Hi kerry - that works better if the "no thanks" cuts in at the beginning!

stitchwort said...

And hello doris - the cat is currently eating more than me.

KAZ said...

It should be dead easy for you because you can't knit and eat at the same time can you? I find the eat less method impossible especially when it gets a bit cold like now.

btw are those cushions vegetarian?

Lucy said...

If in doubt, add more pattern, seems to be the cat's motto.
Well done on the eat less, it creeps on doesn't it?
Been good catching up.