Sunday, December 09, 2007

9 December: Walking in a winter woodland

Gone away were the blue birds, but there was some blue sky this morning. Not a breath of wind, perfect for a walk. Christmas trees were on sale at the visitor centre in Hamsterley Forest, but the car park was quiet. There were a few mountain bikers out on the trails, but not many walkers, apart from the usual few with dogs near the car park.

The stream was very full, brown with peat from the moors.

In sheltered places the snow of yesterday lingered.

The trees had been decorated already, by the melting frost.

In the fields the sheep were being fed. We hoped the gal on top would be able to get out of the container when all the hay had been eaten away from under her.

And although the beech seeds were gone from their cases, next year's buds are ready and waiting for the spring warmth and light.


KAZ said...

Thanks Stitch - these cheered me up.
All we've had for days and days is rain, cloud and gloom.

Murph said...

Ah, Snow... fabulous!

And a famous actor too ... Ewe on Muck Rigger!

Probably Jane said...

Lovely images - just what someone whose office window looks out on the side of a storage warehouse needs.

Thank you for your thoughts on dressing 1940s children. Made me laugh.

stitchwort said...

Thank you all.

The rain began just as we got back to the car!

Oh murph - ewe are a one.

Granny J said...

I enjoyed my winter walk through your woods. Very pretty.

Lucy said...

Looks an inviting walk, but chilly, requiring some warm hand-knitted mittens no doubt.