Monday, December 31, 2007

31 December: Season of .... of the year and New Year Resolutions.

Calendar dates, much altered and generally mucked about historically, have always seemed rather arbitrary. Why not start the year with Christ's birthday? Or with the Winter Solstice? Why not start the year with spring instead of winter? January isn't really the start of anything - nowadays not even of the sales.

In my personal calendar, though, it's a year since I retired. The reality, naturally, did not match the expectation, but then, when did it ever? And this past year has been one of adjustment to the new circumstances.

Change is a constant, however, and so is adjustment, so really there's nothing new. Possibilities continue to arise and be considered, choices continue to be made. Decisions are best made when all conditions ripen; this doesn't neatly coincide with arbitrary dates.

The weather and the seasons have more influence when there is no employment competing for your concentration.

I turned over a new leaf when the leaves turned and fell from the trees, and feel no need for New Year resolutions.

Happy Irresolute New Year!


Murph said...

A Stitch in time ....

Happy New Year anyway Stitch!

KAZ said...

Irresolute, Irresponsible or Irresistable - I hope it's a good one.

stitchwort said...

Thank you both - may the sun always shine on you.

Granny J said...

I like your approach to calendars. So enjoy the new year, whenever it starts!

Lucy said...

I feel more jolly about New Year now I'm old enough not to feel I ought to be enjoying myself.
Howsoever you view it, Happy New Year Stitchwort!

Z said...

Each day is a start of a new year, I suppose.

I like the idea of New Year Irresolutions.