Monday, February 18, 2008

18 February: Surprise! more knitting

Wool-o-phobes look away now!

DH is now wearing more hand-knitted socks - here's a pair of dark brown ones that I call Choc Block Socks:

The felted bag came out so well that I used some more of the itchy yarn to make another, larger one. The smaller one nests inside it when not in use.

And on Ravelry I spotted a snail knitted by this blogger, and made a similar item -

You will note the realism of the beady eyes, and of the button-off shell.


KAZ said...

(politely ignores knitting)... You've gone grey Stitch.
It's a lovely shade of charcoal - very classy!

stitchwort said...

To go with the bald patch!

Blogger has this button that says "shuffle blog colours", so I tried it.

Murph said...

Does DH wear foot-knitted gloves as well?

Lucy said...

Your blog looks gorgeous! It really sets off the photos of the coloured yarns and knitted stuff beautifully.
Those knitted creatures, snail and nautilus, are great, especially the button on shell. I suppose when you take it off he's just a slug?

Granny J said...

Your snail is just spiffy, stitch! Also liked the wrist warmers...