Wednesday, September 10, 2008

10 September: Beads

Yesterday was not suitable for continuing the garden tidy-up that was started when we got back from Suffolk. Heaps of prunings were shredded and returned to the borders; the sodden ground meant that weeds were easily extracted, but the dog turds were not so easily scraped up off the front lawn. The best argument for paving your front garden is the neighbours' dogs (sorry, Murph, but not everyone who has dogs is as responsible as they could be).

Anyway, I got out the bead boxes. A little while ago, I made some bead stitch-markers -

but found that I don't like using them, and have gone back to using scrap thread for marking.

I used to make lots of bead ear-rings, and I sometimes alter them when I find that they are too big/ too small/ the wrong colour. But there are still loads of beads in packets in the boxes, and recently I bought some fasteners in the bead shop in Durham (called LeBeado - ha, ha!), so I made some necklaces -

Great fun, and a change from knitting.

Must go now - in the middle of carding some recycled plastic bottle fibre.

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KAZ said...

What a coincidence - I nearly always have a necklace like that brown one round my neck.
Kev calls it my snake.
I never could be doing with diamonds.