Sunday, September 21, 2008

21 September: More autumn

Definite signs of autumn in Hamsterley Forest;
puffballs -

Fungi on dead wood -

and among the fallen leaves -

and on rocks by the track, lichen like Australian art -

or cup and ring markings -

Elsewhere, my green and black waistcoat progresses slowly. The right front is done, and here is a photo of the stitches ready to start the left front.

Then there's only the armhole bands and the front band to do. It would have been done more quickly if I hadn't decided to start a lace shawl as well.....


Granny J said...

I always enjoy seeing mushrooms from far places -- they are so wonderfully varied. Very nice pictures to mark the coming of autumn.

KAZ said...

I know a guy who goes all over the place eating wild mushrooms.
It's a sort of danger seeking 'extreme sports' thing.
He's also a Jehovah's Witness??

Knit Nurse said...

mmmm puffballs! I saw some on my recent trip but unfortunately they were a little past their best for eating.

BTW that waistcoat is beautiful!