Wednesday, November 26, 2008

26 November: ABC Wednesday - S

So, it seems suitable to join ABC Wednesday on the letter S. Specially since there's been snow and, as I'm scared of slipping, there's been singularly little walking.

There are several subjects for S - some socks are currently on the needles -

And I've just finished a Danish-style shawl -

In this cold weather, I've been doing quite a lot of spinning - Here are some of the many recent skeins -

The tweedy grey (right front) is a wool/silk mix, the blue-purple is a merino/silk mix, and the grey and black at the back are Shetland. I have 500 gms each of the purple and the grey Shetland, and 810 gms of the tweedy stuff; so far, I've only spun about 300 gms of the kilo of black Shetland.

Some of the Shetland, along with some skeins soon to be dyed in subtle or sensational colours, is destined for a stranded sweater presently in the design stage (i.e. scribbled notes in my sketch-book). It will be steeked and Scandinavian-influenced; it may also be snazzy, splendid, stunning, or even sensational. We shall have to wait and see.


RuneE said...

Highly relevant S at this time of the year (and temperature!)

Mine is here.

Liz said...

WElcome! Lovely colour skeins. Fraid I'm an avoidist of anything crafty like that!

peppylady said...

Never know what one could fine in abc.
I've never heard of a danish shawl.

Coffee is on.

Probably Jane said...

That Danish shawl looks very practical as well as beautiful. Lovely work.

stitchwort said...

Thank you all, and hello to newcomers.