Wednesday, November 05, 2008

5 November: Wednesday Walk 3

There are many tracks and paths in Hamsterley Forest, some more frequently walked than others. It's always fascinating to venture down one that's been seen before, but not followed.

This one led to a lovely spot by a stream junction, with a bench -

which gives this view of the stream, with photogenic overhanging beech -

Beech trees are spectacular just now (as indeed they always are); this wonderful one was near the main track at the top of a bank -

Further on, the view opened out to the moorland beyond the forest, and there was even a touch of blue in the sky -

It was quiet, even on the major tracks. A handful of runners and rather more mountain bikers, but very few other walkers. Just as well, or they'd have heard an animated discussion on whether there was anything after Number One - The Larch.

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KAZ said...

Great pics Stitch.
I feel like I'm walking with you.