Tuesday, February 10, 2009

10 February: No snow photos

Well, I haven't had a minute.

It's not that life has gone into slow motion; more that now there's two of us doing not very much, it seems to take twice as long! (And getting at the computer during the day is now half as likely.)

And all this snow doesn't help. Living above the snow-line as we do, the street in front of the house has been thick with ice for what seems like weeks - in the shadow of the houses it takes ages to melt. The main roads, of course, are clear, but local pavements are still treacherous, and as a visit to A & E is unappealing any foray out of the house has to be carefully negotiated.

In fact I am thoroughly fed up with the snow and ice hampering everything we want to do, and would be most grateful if it would just go away.


Y said...

I'm sick of the ice and snow never quite clearing, too and I have to leave the house 3 timesa day to take the boys to school.

This morning, I opened the curtains at 8am to let in some gloom, went to the bathroom to clean my teeth, all the while fantasising about which shoes I would wear after the night's almost thaw, since my boots are really hurting my feet and I need more ankle support, then came out to find the world had instantly been turned white yet again.

I'm really hoping the snow we have forecast for tonight doesn't materialise. My eldest boy has a sore on his leg from his wellies :/ I just know that if I take him in in his shoes, tomorrow, he'll find a nice deep puddle of muddy slush and wade through it.

stitchwort said...

Yes, just when you think it's going to clear away, down comes another layer, and then it freezes...

Granny J said...

All I can say in response to your post is "DITTO!!"