Thursday, February 12, 2009

12 February: Still no snow photos

Happy (significant) Birthday, DD!

Just when it had thawed a bit yesterday, today it snowed constantly all day. DH, extremely glad he didn't have to go out, spent the day moving bits of furniture round, and setting up his hi-fi system in his new playroom study.

And for our tea we had comfort food - chips with our omelette, and then a tin of fruit cocktail. Do you remember when a tin of fruit cocktail was a touch of luxury?

And here are a couple of photos as a reminder that sometimes the sun shines warmly and the flowers bloom:

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tea and cake said...

Yes, we had snow all day, too. Lovely, some extra time I wasn't expecting as I was due to go out, so I did some sewing instead - bliss!
I remember fruit cocktail as well. We had it with tinned cream or evap, which I still love, yum. I never did like the cherries, though.