Tuesday, August 18, 2009

18 August: Green?

We are responsible citizens - we recycle. Have done for years, taking loads of stuff to the tip - sorry, household waste recycling amenity - and putting it into the various bins and skips.

The local council brought in a scheme for recycling paper, tins, and glass. The large and ugly green box was a problem to keep in a modern house, designed with hardly any cupboard space except in the bedrooms.

Then the plastic and cardboard recycling scheme required an even larger, uglier and more awkward green bag. But we are responsible citizens; as there is not enough room to get a car into the garage (even when the garage is otherwise empty, and the car will just fit in, there's not enough room to open the door and get out of the car....), the recycling bag and box can go in there. It's a hassle, taking all the stuff out out of the front door and into the garage, but we are responsible citizens.

The recycling wagon has just come to collect the tins, glass, paper, plastic and cardboard. The operatives picked their way through the jungle of boxes, bags, wheelie bins (everyone now has 2, one for garden waste for recycling, and one actually for rubbish), and threw the stuff into the wagon.

But the wagon was full. We are not the only responsible citizens. So the operatives have the solution.

They empty the recycling bags and boxes into the wheelie bins for rubbish, and depart.

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ouryve said...

We get through 2 of those green bags a fortnight and I'm sure I can hear them swearing when they get to our house. They've made a lot less mess since the council took over the recycling, mind. Maybe you've hit on the resaon why :/