Wednesday, August 19, 2009

19 August: Fingers, bone, hot stove.

Today I have been mostly making marmalade.

17 lbs of it.

Because of a slight miscalculation back in January when I bought marmalade oranges, there were 2 large bags of fruit pulp in the freezer, awaiting a supply of empty jars and some cupboard space. Before I found the marmalade oranges, I had already bought a tin of Mamade (fruit pulp ready for the addition of sugar).

So this morning out came the jam pan, and into it went all the fruit, plus 4.8 kgs of sugar. The jam jar collection had been supplemented by a trip to Lakeland, where we found only small (half-pound) jars were available. Four were needed as well as the 15 large jars.

Then when we were out for a walk this afternoon, we met someone who had a bag full of blackberries; the best place for them locally has only green ones so far. But when we can get some, they would go in the freezer until the jars and shelf space are empty again, and then I can play at making bramble jelly.


ra said...

hells teeth woman, you should have come to Huddersfield. I have hundreds of jam jars sitting on top of my kitchen units waiting for me to make jam (hollow laugh).

stitchwort said...

If only I'd known!