Friday, October 23, 2009

23 October: Hospital

We had to be up and doing today rather earlier than usual, as my Dear Husband had a hospital appointment at the sort of time better suited for breakfast.

We arrived nice and early, and were settled in the waiting room before some of the staff arrived. It was astonishing to see how many of the women arriving for work were hugely overweight.

Personally, I would have more confidence in the health system if so many of the staff were not grossly obese. It's difficult to believe that people can be looking after the health of the nation properly when they clearly can't even look after their own health.

After some tests (which sounded very gruesome - I was glad to have been knitting in the waiting room), my Dear Husband was told he is fine, and I was able to bring him home again. The drops put in his eyes make him look like Puss in Boots (from Shrek), and he needs a nice nap.

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