Thursday, October 08, 2009

8 October: A Handbag?

There were 2 bags of handspun yarn that I didn't want to knit into a garment, so nearly all of it has become a large felted bag.

It was knitted in mitred squares, in strips, then sewn together and the handles knitted separately and sewn on. One section is dark grey, one is white, and 2 are light grey. The mitred nature of the squares doesn't show much after felting (in the washing machine), but it probably helps with strength.

It used up 628 gms of the disliked yarn, and is substantial and roomy. (Modelled by the sitting room door handle)

Edit: Plenty of room for the manuscript of a 3-volume novel, but an infant might need to be folded!


tea and cake said...

Yes, a Handbag! And, Lovely it is, too!

stitchwort said...

Thank you!

stitchwort said...
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Z said...

Fortunately, most babies are bendy.