Saturday, February 13, 2010

13 February: All hand-made

And here is the project that those dyed yarns weren't suitable for.

A bag for my longbow -

It is not the easiest object to photograph. This is the top end, showing the tie -

And here it is untied, with the bow -

The bag fabric was woven on my rigid heddle loom, with handspun linen warp and handspun wool/silk weft. Unsure how much take-up there would be, then shrinkage when fulled, I allowed plenty of length and width, weaving a piece 11" wide and about 8'3" long. After washing and pressing this became 9" wide by 7'10" long. The final bag is 4.5" wide and 7'6" long.

The tie is finger-woven from 8 strands of handspun (and home-dyed) BFL leftovers from previous knitting. Actually the weft is also leftovers, from a cardigan knitted last year. The warp took nearly 3 skeins of undyed linen, and the weft took nearly 2 big balls of yarn - much more than I realised would be needed.

This was the first project making a piece of fabric for a specific purpose; putting the warp onto the loom was very difficult, even with 2 of us working together; the weaving was simple and quicker than expected; and the final sewing up and finishing was much more straightforward than anticipated. I am very pleased with the result.

The bow's pretty brilliant too - hickory, lemonwood and purple heart, lightweight at 33 lbs at 28", made by a local bowyer.


tea and cake said...

Wow, that is brill. And, I hope you didn't have to cut into that beautiful fabric, did you? I think I would have needed a rather large, medicinal (obv.) whiskey before doing so!

stitchwort said...

No cutting! 'Invisible' edge to edge seam down the long side, and simple hems top and bottom. It almost looks like it was planned!!