Friday, February 26, 2010

26 February: A project from the backstrap loom

The piece of weaving on the backstrap loom in the previous picture is now part of a finished bag - a bag to store my backstrap loom.

The front and back were made separately, the front having a white tencel warp and a green ramie weft, and the back having a green tencel warp and a white ramie weft. The tencel is wonderfully silky, and the ramie is much softer than the linen used for my bow bag.

A pocket for the front (to keep rubber bands and bits of string in) is 2 pieces of a strip woven from bamboo yarns on an inkle loom and joined together. The button loop is plaited bamboo yarns, and the hanging strap is plaited ramie.

All the yarns are my own handspun. The button is one of hundreds from my button box.


Laverne said...

Congratulations! It looks wonderful. You know, after all this time I still don't have a loom bag-I must make one. I got my first tencel this week and am excited about using it on my backstrap loom although mine is not handspun like yours.

You have done a beuatiful job!


stitchwort said...

Thank you!
The softer yarns produce a thick and soft fabric, and tencel has a lovely silky shine.