Thursday, December 14, 2006

14 December: Bathmat - unwatched

A knock at the door.
Van-man with a parcel.
Funny - I wasn't expecting anything. But it's got my name on; perhaps DH ordered something.
Realisation dawns - it's the Bathmat from Smaller than Life!!

Here it is, all ready for action.
But - heavens to Betsy, the mat has already had mittens!

Update - as well as continuing to get visitors looking for Fred Knit***, there has now been someone here looking for a Stuffed Dalek Knitting Pattern.
Sorry, those words may have all appeared here, but never actually all together - till now.


Murph said...

There'll be a deluge now Stitch!

I hope you aren't going to photograph your bathmat every day...

kaz said...

By the end of the week, I bet those mittens will have reached the washbasin.