Sunday, December 17, 2006

17 December: Normal service

Well, after all that excitement, it's back to normal.

But what is "normal" now? Now I've achieved the lifetime ambition of staying at home and having the money posted, what next?

There are ongoing projects, and a whole stack of things I want to try out, but do I need a schedule? So many possibilities, it's likely that I won't be able to make a decision, and will not make the most of it.

It's a bit frightening.

To start with, a bit of tinkering with the new toy that is Blogger (Beta'd but unbowed).


Murph said...

Beware the time consuming nature of tinkering!!!

I like your Frayed Knots, though - a nice tie up!

stitchwort said...

Do you know the joke about the scruffy piece of string?

No, I'm a Frayed Knot.

Far Kennel!

Word verification is oaufuuq.....

KAZ said...

Stitch - Repeat after me 'I am a Free Spirit'
I wrote about it here

stitchwort said...

Kaz - the problem is how to choose from the goodies now available. What should I try first? It's like being let loose in the sweet-shop.

KAZ said...

Yes - that's exactly what it's like.
Every day - you wake up and your head is swimming with possibilities for the day's activities.
I make a list before I go to bed. Otherwise I would be paralysed by choice!