Monday, December 18, 2006

18 December: A Project

After doing a lot of tidying up, I started on a new project. In a box were some fabrics bought a couple of years ago, in colours I don't normally choose. They have been cut up to make enough squares for a simple quilt. Here they are, stacked up on my work table. The sewing box is open, the radio/CD player is standing by, and there's a cup of coffee in the middle.

Here's a view of the whole room, with everything neatly to hand (even if a whole heap of stuff has to be moved to get at what's at the back).

Now I shall spend all afternoon sewing.


Murph said...

It looks very, er, cosy Stitch.
I think you have been having us on - you are actually a teenager!

stitchwort said...

Mentally, Murph, yes; the mirror says different, though.