Wednesday, July 25, 2007

25 July: Monster Mash

Happy birthdays to Grandchild 3 and Grandchild 4, yesterday and today respectively!

Remember we planted potatoes back on Good Friday? (7 April's posting mentioned them.) Well today we dug some of them up.

They are completely organic, having had no sprays or anything other than garden compost and grass cuttings on them. So naturally, they have attracted some of our garden wildlife. 2 of the 6 or 7 plants we dug up had been attacked by slugs, and I found a millipede and a woodlouse in the water when I washed a heap for our meal tonight. Yes, of course I rescued them and released them into the wild - threw them out of the kitchen window.

The ones with slug damage or that we'd speared with the fork got cooked tonight, and the rest, cleaned up and checked over, have been stowed away in bags in a dark cupboard. We ate great mounds of mash with a quiche, but there's a big bowl full of cold mash in the fridge. Looks like fried potato, mushrooms, courgettes, and eggs tomorrow.

Elsewhere, Le Tour now has the drug scandal that lots of journos have been looking for. If only other sports and games were tested like cycling, there would be a lots of "drug cheats" uncovered in other arenas. The bike racing is still fascinating - would have been better still with Marco Pantani in it.

And back with the knitting, or rather crochet - the New, Improved, Mark 2 String Bag is under construction!!

You will just have to contain your excitement for a little longer, though, till it's properly finished and photographed.


Murph said...

John Prescott likes crochet.

Mr P has spent 3 years making a batch of compost from kitchen waste which was finally spread on the flowerbed a few weeks ago. After the recent rain the flowebeds are now overwhelmed with....tomato plants.

stitchwort said...

murph - many years ago it was possible to buy dried "product" from the local sewage works to put on the garden. The tomatoes were wonderful!

KAZ said...

Bubble and Squeak?

I loved Elefantino - although he hated that name. Such a sad story but what a star!

I find it difficult to get involved now. It took me so long to learn how to pronounce Djamolidine Abdoujaparov.

Lucy said...

God I love mashed potato! But it means you eat more potato than almost any other way...