Saturday, July 07, 2007

7 July: Le Tour starts

So we're off again with Le Tour de France; after last year's debacle, we wondered if we would be interested this year. But we turned on the TV, and immediately got caught up in it again - all the predictions from the experts (mostly wrong!), the efforts, the disappointments, the crashes, the wonderful helicopter views.

That's every evening booked for the next 3 weeks, then - might get some more knitting done, too, while I watch. Not Le Tour challenge knitting, though.

It hardly rained at all today - only one sharp shower, I think. We have had some sunshine this week, and I've been out picking raspberries most days. One afternoon I sat in the sun, while Jazz explored the borders -

Just at the left hand edge of that photo is the hole where I dug out a rose bush. That did something nasty to my back, which was stiff and painful for 2 days. All the memories of my back problems returned, and I dredged out of the corners of my memory the exercises that I used to do to stretch my lower back. It seems to have done the trick, and there's a great improvement, so I am hoping to be fully back to normal in another day or two.

Meanwhile, in the conservatory -

These dull little cacti have these amazing flowers for just a couple of days, and they both came out together. This close-up shows the strange arrangement in the centre of the flower -


Granny J said...

Raspberries, aaaah!

Murph said...

Very nice pic of the cat on high alert!

Probably Jane said...

Hi Stitchwort, thanks for your questions that you left on my blog:

I left this message there as well as I'm not sure what the correct 'netiquette' is in these matters yet!

Yes, I do wash and wear all my own socks - in fact I don't think I own a machine made pair any more.

Ones made with yarns like Opal, Regia, Trekking etc get thrown in the wash with everything else and come out lovely and fluffy.

Other yarns are a bit high maintenance so I will hand wash them just to be on the safe side. I have had a bad experience with Fleece Artist which shrank and felted very badly and Cherry Tree Hill which ran and faded so I tend to exercise some caution.

I don't have a tumble drier so I can't vouch for their performance in that.

As for the merino and tencel I haven't finished the second sock yet so, if you knit as fast as you spin you may be able to tell me first!

stitchwort said...

granny j - we only just finished last year's fruit, we had so much that we froze lots. Not so good this year.

murph - it might have been a highly threatening butterfly.

probably jane - thanks for the reply; my Opal etc socks go in the machine, and so did the bamboo/BFL ones the other day, and seem to have survived. One pair did felt in the machine - made from Jamieson and Smith's laceweight Shetland. Hand-knits don't go in the tumble-drier.

Lucy said...

Have you noticed people don't grow cacti, they keep them? Those flowers are superb though, a pity they're so brief.
When the Tour went by the top of our road, they dressed the cows in the different colour jerseys!