Wednesday, July 04, 2007

4 July: Since Woolfest

The peg loom has produced 2 samples - lots learnt there. More experimentation is required.

Also the 2 skeins of merino pencil roving from The Yarn Yard have been spun, plyed, finished, and one has been wound into a ball and a small knitted sample made. There was some difficulty with drafting the pencil roving, as I haven't worked with this before; the second skein was divided rather better, and was very much easier - the usual learning curve.
Here are the bobbins of singles from the first skein -

Plyed and finished, and twisted into a skein; see how the colours combine into yummy intermediate shades -

Then wound into a ball on the nostepin; it's about 18 wraps per inch -

And knitted up; the colour patches would, obviously, be different if knitted in a longer row. This sample is 30 stitches on a 2.5 mm. needle -

And, from last week, just a quick pair of Miser Mitts I devised in Shetland wool, after seeing the Endpaper Mitts on See Eunny Knit! - love this way of increasing for the thumb gusset (isn't "gusset" a lovely word) -


Probably Jane said...

Wow - you really are a speedy spinner - I thought I was quick off the mark - beautiful work - the roving is gorgeous isn't it? I've only just started the second skein and am dying to see what it looks like plied, let alone knitted!

Lucy said...

Those are lovely photos of a lovely subject; the wool colours really do look edible!
You do seem to me to get things done fast...and I'm with you on 'gusset', it's a sort of Thora Hird word somehow!

Probably Jane said...

Hello again!

Thanks for visiting my blog too!I'm cracking on with my second skein so may get to ply tonight! I think I'll have to decide what to make with the yarn when I see what weight it turns out to be - as a newbie spinner it's all still a bit of a lottery! I think it could be the predictable socks or maybe some mitts - or even a hat! What about you?

PS Gusset always does it for me too - I teach an occasional sock class and it is all I can do not to snigger like an adolescent when I talk about flaps and gussets - I might have to switch to teaching toe up at this rate!