Thursday, January 03, 2008

3 January: Rhubarb and custard

That's what the colour of my new socks reminds me of.

No fancy stuff, just plain knitting for these, as they are not expected to stand up to washing and wearing. They are also a bit baggy, but then they are also expected to shrink. In fact, such a disaster is anticipated that they will probably be the best socks ever knitted.

The other, larger, project completed this week is this shawl -

For the non-knitter reader, there is a currently popular pattern for an entrelac (technical term for the sort of basket-weave effect) wrap called Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole, which is rectangular and therefore involves lots of fiddly little triangles to make the edges straight. It seemed to me to be easier to utilise the natural shape of the work and make something triangular, hence this Not Lady Eleanor shawl. It's good and thick, nearly 6 feet across the wide end, and has used up loads of thickish yarn from my early adventures with spinning. (Hence the different colours.)

There's another pair of socks under way (can't have too many pairs of wool socks in this weather), and another scarf -

It was rather dark when this was photographed, and it's really a warm tawny mix. Unfortunately, the lace pattern is not terribly easy to remember, and I have to keep checking that I'm doing the knits, purls, and holes in the right places. So not so good for TV knitting.

This morning I had to venture out in the sprinkle of snow to get some groceries, so I decided to do the weekend shopping early. Just as well, because when I got back there was another 2 or 3 inches more snow on the ground at home; now I can stay in and admire the pretty snow from a nice warm room.


Murph said...

I passed a TV shop today where the TV news said "A1 shut at Morpeth".
I bet the hardy types in Newcastle will still be breezing by in T shirts.

Mrs Rine said...

Murph suggested I pop by your blog as I am in mega knitting mode. It took hold when my grand-daughter appeared. I've mainly stuck to cardigans so far, but there was one pair of boots that I am rather proud of. I'm knitting loosely (esp if the tv is distracting) and eating up more wool than I should. One cardigan is going to have to be finished with different coloured sleeves - but at 2.5 months old she won't notice! Happy New Year, Stichwort, to you and yours, Mrs Rine

KAZ said...

That shawl looks fab - you'll look like a hippy - even more so if you knit another and make a poncho.

I'm jealous of your snow - all we've got is grey drizzle.

stitchwort said...

The snow is all gone now.

Hello mrs. r - baby knitting is good - it's all small, quick to make, and as they grow out of it so fast, it's not too important (unless it's a christening shawl, of course). Try to get murph to post a photo of the cardigan with different colour sleeves - it sounds great.

kaz - shawls are useful, ponchos pointless.

Granny J said...

With a new, slightly underperforming furnace this chilly winter, I sat there admiring your Not Lady Eleanor shawl. An interesting pattern that is; you might persuade me to take up knitting again!

Probably Jane said...

I do like your Not Lady E - I am nearing the end of an abbreviated Lady E using my handspun at the moment - your post has given me the kick up the pants I need to get it finished! Thank you.