Monday, January 21, 2008

21 January: L-Urchin-g

Over the weekend, I ran out of knitting projects!!!

The fancy socks were finished last week, and the other 2 projects on the needles, a scarf that seemed endless, and an experimental hat, were both cast off on Saturday, and will be photographed soon.

So I picked up a pattern found through Ravelry - one of the many - and assembled needles and balls of wool. I swatched to get the right gauge, then cast on. On Sunday I picked it up again, looked at the pattern, and discovered that I couldn't make head or tail of the instructions. Clearly it involved short rows, with stitches left at each end of the piece of work to make the shaping, but the instructions as written didn't make sense to me.

So I worked out on a sheet of squared paper how it must be shaped, then I altered the shaping slightly, and made it. The original is called Urchin hat, so I reckon my version is L-Urchin-g.

Excuse the self-portrait style of photo, but the only way to get enough light in the right place this morning (it's snowing) was to use the bathroom mirror.

Even though it doesn't suit me, I was inordinately delighted with this hat, until DH remarked that it reminded him of someone out of Last of the Summer Wine.....


KAZ said...

DH sounds like my dad!
Don't worry - I don't think Norah Batty wore a hat.
I heard it was snowing in the NE on the weather forecast and envied you.
Still mild, wet and grey round here.

stitchwort said...

Not Nora Batty - one of the other women.

You are more than welcome to have all our snow.

It's gone again now, but it's still perishing cold.

Murph said...

Tibetans love snow, it says here.

A geek writes: How come your pentax lens cover is in place but doesn't show up in the picture?

stitchwort said...

Lens cover? It's got little eyelids that open when it's switched on and the zoom lens whirrs forwards.

It's only a little digital thing, perhaps 3 megapixels, a few years old but chosen because it was the smallest camera available.

Maggie May said...

Hi I stumbled on your blog recently. Nice hat. I knit but can't make up my own patterns. I am fairly new to blogging & find it a fascinating hobby!

stitchwort said...

Hello maggie may - thank you. You will find plenty of knitting around here, plus odds and ends - even Fred Knittle and string bags.