Sunday, January 27, 2008

27 January: While the gales rage

This week I have been knitting mostly neckwarmers.

(And listening to audio books. Alan Bennett and Wilkie Collins.)

The last scarf I finished was quite a nice article, but totally boring to knit. So I have been experimenting with different ways of using knitting to keep necks warm. Here's one version, in undyed handspun merino, incredibly soft and warm -

And this version uses up some oddments of BFL with some undyed white Shetland in a rather attractive mixture -

Both items were very quick to make, used far less yarn than a long scarf, and will both be excellent at keeping the draughts out.

Which will be good if the gales we've had this week continue. On the top of a hill, we catch most of the wind coming over the Pennines, and for several days now it's been howling round the houses, with trees and bushes bending at 45 degree angles, and something up in the roof has been rattling. Nothing seems to have fallen off, though, and the most violent gusts have abated now. The borders look a bit tidier - some of the leaves have been blown away. I wonder where they have ended up.

Our 3 snowdrops are out, as is a primula and an auricula, there are big buds on the hellebores, new leaves on the clematis and lots of shoots from various bulbs. Any day now I'll be able to bore you with more snaps of the plants in the garden.


Maggie May said...

You are busy with your knitting! If I do too much I get arthritic neck! Annoying. Enjoyed your article about the SBB. Maybe you could tell me where my sparrows have disappeared to? (my new post) My snowdrops are just beginning to open. Lovely, isn't it? It is warmer today where I live & sunny. Will go for a long walk I think, or maybe get some gardening done.

Murph said...

You could market those neck things but they'd need a catchy "pashmina" type name. The first one looks a bit too much like the result of a whiplash injury.
The bloke nextdoor but one was cutting his grass yesterday. That's global warming for you.

Lucy said...

They're good those neckwarmer things aren't they? Someone gave me a fleecy one and I wear it a lot, indoors and out so thought if I had anything left after making chunky shawl with tapestry wool pompoms (appearing soon at a blog near you), I might try to knit one. But I didn't have enough yarn left. I finished it sitting outside in a tee-shirt today, that's global warming...etc
We have one snowdrop and some winter aconite, though there are daffies up the road.

KAZ said...

That's OK Stitch - no need to thank me for the Pennine winds.

I didn't fancy those neckwarmers until you mentioned the softness of the Merino - now I want one.