Sunday, April 13, 2008

13 April: Squid and socks*

Recently knitted this little creature -

I also have patterns for 2 octopuses/octopi, and a cuttlefish.

And socks continue to emerge from the TV knitting basket, even though not much TV is being watched -

These are slightly subversive ones for DH. When worn with shoes and long trousers, only the grey bits will show. He wouldn't think of wearing them any other way, of course.

* Not a recipe currently popular?


KAZ said...

Calamares a la Romana is my favourite tapa. But I'll have it with mayonnaise please.

Lucy said...

What no shorts, socks and sandals?

Cool cephalopods!

tea and cake said...

Brilliant work, Stitch!

aykayem said...

I like squid!
(mmmmm very tasty - battered calamari with salt and lemon juice - eaten while it is still hot - in the car on the way home from the fish and chip shop ;-)

I also like squid for other things besides eating ... very interesting creatures, squid ... and they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes (some are teeny tiny and some are so big they have not caught the whole thing, just found bits in deep sea fishing nets) ... besides - something weird enough that it can change colours the way it does, and squirts ink at who/whatever threatens it, and has weird things like suckers and a beak (yes squid have beaks!) - has to be something I like!
- Andrea (in Australia)