Friday, April 04, 2008

4 April: Spring is here

Yes, the birds have competition from the builders making plenty of noise at the crack of dawn.

Yes, the surplus crumbs have been shaken out of the keyboard, the dirt on the windows has been noticed, the DM boots have been returned to the wardrobe and the DM sandals brushed off.

Yes, the garden's been checked over, and bare patches of earth have had plants crammed into them. There are primulas, white -

purple -

and traditional -

DH's favourite fritillaries are flowering -

and the hellebores are still providing food for the newly emerging bumble bees -

And the Mother's Day lilies are budding in the freshly painted kitchen -


KAZ said...

Ah - now that's better!

Lucy said...


Maggie May said...

Lovely photos! Makes you feel Spring has sprung!