Sunday, April 27, 2008

27 April: Holiday!

We've just got back from a lovely week in Suffolk. The weather was mostly kind, and we got out and about every day.

There was an interesting castle at Framlingham -

- with Tudor chimneys purely to impress the neighbours. Inside the walls the buildings were very un-castle-like -

I actually managed to overcome my fear of height combined with open space, and walked all the way round the top of the walls.

A visit to Southwold is always required. This is the pier -

- and it's compulsory to photograph the beach huts -

We went a couple of times to the RSPB reserve at Minsmere, though all the birds avoided my lens. The power station at Sizewell couldn't escape, though.

And on Dunwich Heath I was very lucky to switch the camera onto full zoom and snap this deer before it melted away as its 2 companions had just done -

We visited the Natural Dye Studio, and I was very restrained in my purchases. There may be socks....

We had lots of good walks in wonderful countryside; we browsed round fine old towns, and lunched in pubs mostly called the King's Head.

Amazingly, although we ate every bun, cake, shortbread, and loaf that we could, the scales tell me I've put on precisely 1 pound in the week.


Murph said...

Excellent pics Stitch.

Did you go into the wonderful slot machines on the pier though?

KAZ said...

Nice to have you back - I missed you - though not necessarily the socks!

I wonder if they get a designer to choose the beach hut colours so the photos will look good.

Granny J said...

So explain the beach hut phenomenon to me: are they owned, rented, leased? How long have they been used? Etc. we've nothing like it in the States, using umbrellas if anything.

stitchwort said...

Hi folks - no, we didn't go onto the pier, as the wind was a bit strong (that lazy Norfolk wind?).

The beach huts are famous for their number and colours, granny j, especially as there are not many seaside places that still have those sort of huts.

I don't think Laurence L-B chooses the colours, but the owners do seem to try to keep them bright and different.

Saw one advertised for hire for last week for £100 ($200?), and one for sale leasehold for £7,000.

tea and cake said...

Lovely photos and notes, stitch. Love the 'there may be socks' comment!
Always aim to put on more weight and any small number is a bonus, I find! K xx

Probably Jane said...

Lovely part of the world and very evocative photos - thanks for making me pine for the sea when all I can see from my office window is the side of a storage warehouse!

stitchwort said...

Actually, there may not be socks - none of the yarns I carried away are machine washable, and they may become something else.

Sorry, jane.

Z said...

I went to Dunwich Heath on a summer's evening (a group booking, so they opened for us) a few years ago and we saw nightjars and glowworms. Magical.