Monday, May 11, 2009

11 May: Even more wildlife

It's a lizard shot, I'm afraid.

This little character, about 4 inches long including the tail, startled us by skittering across the track in front of us this afternoon, while we were walking in Hamsterley Forest. For some reptilian reason, it took cover in a big puddle on the track, with only its head above the surface. But at least it stayed still long enough to have its photo taken.


knit nurse said...

Bless! I wonder if it thought you couldn't see through the water?!

Granny J said...

Very curious. All our little lizards scoot far to fast for an aging photographer. My only luck is with horned toads, which freeze instead of running away.

stitchwort said...

It certainly seemed very odd. Surely lizard-eating birds and animals could see it in such shallow water?