Thursday, May 28, 2009

28 May: Seasonal knitting

Made in this season, but for the winter - another double cap, this time for me, to go with my peacock scarf.

I began to knit a hat from a pattern in a book I got recently, Classic Knits, Marianne Isager Collection. I have her book Knitting out of Africa, and although I like many of the garments in that, I have never actually tried to make one. (More of an inspirational book)

But Classic Knits has several patterns I would like to make more or less as shown. So I started on a hat, but had to abandon it - in a couple of places the instructions did not tally with what was on the needles, or clearly shown in the photographs, but that was easily corrected. When, however, I had enough work done to start to see how it was coming together, I realised that the instructions as written resulted in one side of the hat having only two-thirds of the stitches that the other side had, just in the parts where the earflaps should go. Lost in translation from the Danish, perhaps?

Ah well, the garments in the pictures still look good, and I can probably copy them from the pictures (schematics are included, which is helpful) - I would have to make adaptations for using my handspun instead of the specified yarn, anyway.

The first one will be a jersey for DH. He liked one photographed in Classic Knits, though my version will be in 100% wool, not linen and cotton, probably not the same thickness either, and the shaping will be a bit different, and the stitch pattern will be another one to compensate for the different fibre - oh, and the edgings will be different. In fact, a jersey with very little in common with the original picture, but that's where we started.

Last week I spun a bag of humbug Shetland fibre, bought on our recent trip to Winghams, with a view to knitting a jersey for me, but it's a suitable colour for DH, so I'll use that. There's about 900 gms - will that be enough?

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annmarie said...

I replied to your post on Ravelry about the cap, but I have to admit that I'm also finding the instructions don't seem to match the photo of the cap! :o