Saturday, May 16, 2009

16 May: Latest knitting

A very plain, jolly useful waistcoat -

-with pockets. It's made with 2 strands of yarn, one a soft and silky natural dark BFL, and the other a slightly rougher pale grey Suffolk (both handspun, of course); together they give a tweedy effect.

It's knitted in one piece, from the bottom edge upwards, then the pockets, neck edge, front bands, and armhole edgings knitted on afterwards. It seemed to take a long time to make, but it's only a few days over a month. It's probably all the thinking, measuring and calculating that seem to have taken a long time.

The button box had the perfect buttons for it - but only 3. Fortunately, it was fairly easy to find some very similar buttons in the market at Durham.

For a change, I haven't already got the next big project lined up, though there's a couple of small items on the needles - a stranded hat in a design of my own, and a scarf in an interesting double-sided stitch pattern. You can't wait to see them, can you?

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