Saturday, June 20, 2009

20 June: Back home

Home again after a lovely week. There was a lot of this -

- walking along well-trodden tracks (and some less-travelled), with views like this -

- over the Manifold and Hamps valleys. Note the steepness of the hills!
Of course we visited here -

- Dovedale; even early in the day, mid-week, it was busy.

We made use of our NT membership (acutely aware of the recently read description of NT visitors looking as if they dress from Radio Times adverts or from the Harold Shipman collection).

Sudbury Hall was particularly interesting, with its Museum of Childhood as well as a fascinating house -

-and the gardens at Biddulph Grange were amazing, and a complete surprise, as neither of us knew about this wonderful place. This was taken in the Stumpery -

Great week! And we've already tackled the laundry mountain and the knee-high lawn. Now back to normal loafing.


Y said...

Wow! Those pics bring back memories. I was lucky enough to live in that part of the world as a teenager!

stitchwort said...

Hello Y - are you a mystery stalker?

Neither of us had been to that area before, so it was a real exploration.

Granny J said...

How beautiful your countryside is! And I quite love the idea of the stumpery, as an admirer of old wood and root bones.

stitchwort said...

Hi Granny J - that area has such poor soil (limestone) that they can't grow crops, so it's all pasture for cattle and sheep.
Recent rain has made the grass very lush.
Stumperies are coming back into fashion, I believe. Gnarled old chunks of wood are fascinating.