Tuesday, June 23, 2009

23 June: Wailing and gnashing of teeth

Remember the knitting I took on holiday?

The pattern is in a book I bought recently - full of interesting designs. The first pattern I tried turned out to be so full of errors that I had to unravel the whole thing.

The zigzag top had already been made by lots of people on Ravelry (if you want to know, google), and there was no mention anywhere that I could find of mistakes in this pattern.

Oh yes there is! A simple arithmetic mistake in the decreasing instructions. Now I have lost all confidence in the whole pattern, but as I now understand the shaping (and my yarn/gauge were different anyway), I shall finish the garment to my own working.

I have usually regarded books of knitting patterns as starting points for my own designs; I liked this particular designer's work enough to use her pattern. Not again, though - back to looking at pictures of items I like, then sorting out my own version.

And the publishers of knitting books have lost a customer.


tea and cake said...

Eek! I always think that knitting books have the Definitive version of the pattern - With No Errors. How frustrating for you! grr.

stitchwort said...

Lots of complaints currently about errors in patterns - as I don't use patterns often, I had thought them to be reliable, too.

Granny J said...

It's certainly a new age if instructions in knitting magazines can no longer be trusted -- what is this world coming to???